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Understand the true value of embracing MiCD in your clinical practice by joining the MiCD Global Network Membership Program, designed to engage like-minded clinicians with a common purpose to transform smiles and change lives.


Become a MiCD member by attending a MiCD symposium / MiCD workshop. For more information on the membership, simply fill up the MiCD Membership Enquiry form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible or click to Sign Up Now as a MiCD Member today!

Membership Benefits
  1. MiCD members-only-access to clinical articles, journals, clinical tips and techniques on minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry

  2. Receive a MiCD membership e-card that entitles you to members-only preferential loyalty discounts on MiCD related materials

  3. Showcase clinical cases and experience stories 

  4. Be affiliated with an exclusive group of MiCD dentists through the
    MiCD Global Network Facebook page

MiCD Loyalty Programme

Appreciation for your commitment towards adopting Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry in clinical practice the MiCD membership loyalty program has been introduced with a digital membership card

MiCD Membership CLASSIC Card

Membership tier benefits

  • Contact your Shofu Dealer for more information on MiCD member privileges

  • Preview to new product launches and Shofu special promotions

MiCD Membership GOLD Card

Membership tier benefits

  • Contact your Shofu Dealer for more information on MiCD member privileges

  • Preview to Shofu special promotions

  • Member incentives to attend MiCD training programs

  • Preview to new product launches and product trials

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