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How to Register : Join the Challenge

1.  Complete the Registration form, become a MiCD Global Network member and receive the Digital MiCD Global Network membership card

CLICK TO SIGN UP as a MiCD Global Network Member


2.  Purchase a MiCD Regional Smile Challenge Kit (Limited Edition) from the SHOFU authorised distributor


3.  Document a patient case where you transformed the smile with Direct Restorations using SHOFU Bioactive Composites and  create a story with the before and after images


4.  Share your story with the MiCD Global Network as per the requirements in the submission form before 31 December 2022 and join the challenge

MiCD Smile Challenge Kit Image with items 2-revised.png

MiCD Regional Smile Challenge Kit

(Limited Edition):

Designed exclusively for the MiCD Regional Smile Challenge as part of the registration process. This Limited-Edition kit includes an essential assortment of Beautifil bioactive composites with the finishing and polishing system to enable participating dentists to showcase their skills by transforming their patient’s smiles.


Contact your SHOFU Dealer today to purchase a kit and Register for the MiCD Regional Smile Challenge …

Image by Corinne Kutz
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