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Dental Asia -MICD Symposium 2023_Page_1.jpg

MiCD Symposium 2023: A quest for biologically beautiful restorations


The MiCD approach to patient-centric

smile enhancements


 New era unfolds for Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD)

Dr Kelvin Tantono Article-Digital Dentistry-DA.png

Digital Dentistry
is Here to Stay



Over 6,300 dental professionals joined the first-ever virtual MiCD Regional Symposium 2021

Dental Asia Jan 2021- Dr. Anand.jpg

The Story of
Two Central


Beautifil Injectable X-Fast & Predictable Aesthetics 2021-HD-1.jpg

Fast and Predictable Aesthetics with Injectable Composite


Direct Aesthetic Restorations of Fractured Anterior Teeth using MiCD Protocol


Midline Diastema Closure using Direct Cosmetic Restorations

Beautifil Injectable X article- DTI Issu

Simplified Protocol for Adjacent Class II Direct Resin Restorations

DTMEA No.6. Vol.8 2018.pdf-1.jpg

Predictable steps to Biomimetic  Class IV restorations

DTMEA-March&April 2015 Issue.pdf-1.jpg

Midline Diastema Closure with Direct-Bonding Restorations

Cosmetic Dentistry#01 2010.pdf-1.jpg

Midline Diastema Closure with Direct-Bonding Restorations

Australasian Dentist B2 LS article-Dr. N

Avoiding Three Common

Class II Problems

Dental Asia-June Issue.pdf-1.jpg

Composite Artistry In

Everyday Clinical Practice

DTMEA No.3. Vol.9 2019.pdf-1.jpg

Composite Artistry In

Everyday Clinical Practice

Dental Tribune MEA article 02-2020 Dr. H

Smile Rejuvenation with BioSmart Restoratives

Amit Gulati Famdent Article-1.jpg

Space Closure in Lower Anterior

Cosmetic Dentistry#03 2009.pdf-1.jpg

Smile Design Wheel

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