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             Clinical Techniques

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Aesthetic Restoration of Severely Crowded Anteriors



Clinical examination

55 years old female patient visited the dental office with a chief complaint of pain in the upper front tooth. Clinical examination and IOPA radiograph revealed badly decayed tooth 11 with multiple class 3 cavities on tooth #12, 21. This complex case was managed based on a phased treatment approach in 3 stages.


Treatment plan

Appointment 1 (Blue Rubber dam) – Removal of decay on the distal surface of tooth #11 was done followed by root canal treatment. Due to the extent of the caries lesion the mesial class 3 cavity was left untouched to avoid fracture of the crown during the course of the treatment. Removal of decay from tooth #12 was done both misally and distally.


Appointment 2 (Black Rubber dam) – Fiber post was bonded using Para core followed by restoration of tooth #11 distal surface and mesial surface of tooth # 12 using a Bioclear matrix.

Appointment 3 (Military green rubber dam) – Remaining Class 3 restorations on tooth #11 and #21 were completed with final finishing and polishing of restorative surfaces to achieve the natural aesthetics and enamel luster.

Case & photography by
Dr. Anand Narvekar

Products used in the treatment

Aesthetic Restoration of Severely Crowded Anteriors

Case & photography by Dr. Anand Narvekar

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