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MiCD Smile Techniques

[Smile Rejuvenation]

Patient complaint

A female patient, a dentist herself visited my clinic requesting for a smile makeover as she was unhappy with the shape and colour of her front teeth. Upon history taking and intra oral examination, a midline diastema restored with composite resin and a congenital missing upper right lateral was identified. Based on the patient needs and time available a treatment plan with direct composite restorations using the MiCD concept with a focus on tooth preservation was accepted as the most suitable option.

Occlusion was checked and confirmed before commencing the treatment. After removal of the old composite restorations, minimally invasive veneer tooth preparation was done using diamond points. Gingival zenith corrections around tooth 13,14 and 22 were achieved with diode laser.

~ Case & photography by Dr. Hussein Naama

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