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Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) is a holistic patient-centric treatment approach ...


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08 September @ Nepal Time, GMT+5:45

MiCD Approach To Predictable Morphology Driven Class II Restoration with Bioactive Composite

by Dr. Anand Narvekar (India)

MiCD events are conducted in different countries on a regular basis to introduce the MiCD (Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry)  concept and restorative approach to dental  professionals.


Attend a MiCD program to join the MiCD membership.

Discover how MiCD Global Network Members have incorporated the MiCD concept and  treatment protocols in their clinical practice for direct aesthetic restorations such as Direct Veneers, Diastema Closure, Smile Rejuvenation, Anterior Class IV Restorations, Anti-Aging Smile Make-up, Black Triangle Closure & Posterior Restorations.

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