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Dr. Melvin Sia (Malaysia)


After graduating from AIMST UNIVERSITY in 2011, Dr. Melvin Sia served in the government sector for 3 years & work as an associate at a private practice for a year before establishing his own practice.


Dr. Melvin’s passion lies in aesthetic dentistry, whether it is direct or indirect restorations; full mouth rehab or smile makeovers. A perfectionist at heart, he has attended many aesthetic courses to expand his knowledge and hone his skills to provide the best level of care and meet the aesthetic needs of his patients.


He has particular interest in restoring patients’ dental aesthetics by mimicking nature. Dr Melvin believes in respecting nature and the natural tooth structure. An advocate of the MiCD philosophy, he endeavours to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible while achieving the highest level of aesthetics by adopting the “Less is more” treatment strategy.

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