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About Dr. Anand Narvekar 


Since his graduation from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Dental College, Pune in 1996, Dr. Anand has immersed himself in the field of dentistry with a special focus on aesthetic dentistry. His prime interest lies in treating complex full mouth rehabilitation and smile design where management of occlusal disorders and restoration of a balanced occlusion are key components in his restorative treatment protocol.


His keen eye for aesthetics extends beyond dentistry as he is an avid and globally acclaimed photographer with his photographs published in industry-wide publications - dental, Travel, auto media, wildlife, health, and architecture. He is a mentor at the leading photography forum- the Photography Club of India  Dr. Anand’s dental work is reflected in leading Asian dental magazines across India, South east Asia, Middle east, Africa & Australia.  

He is an adjunct faculty at various private dental institutes, He is MiCD fellow and certified Clinical trainer for Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MICD). Recently he was honored as a Fellow of the Bangladesh Academy of Dentistry International. 

Dr. Anand is a key opinion leader and advisor for many global dental manufacturers and routinely conducts courses on various aesthetic and occlusion-related techniques in India and internationally.  

Lecture Title: Challenging the Status Quo with Invisible Restorations


Management of multiple restorations in the same quadrant is challenging due to the variation in the type and extent of defects, it also offers the opportunity for a more time-efficient, holistic approach to patient care, instead of placing multiple, adhoc restorations, one appointment at a time.


With time and cost benefits to both the dental team and patient, such a restorative protocol saves chair time and increases productivity, while adopting a minimally invasive approach to providing invisible restorations for the entire quadrant.


Embark on the restorative journey with Dr. Anand as he shares tips and tricks to creating invisible restorations by understanding natural tooth colour, principles of shade matching and simplified techniques using bioactive composites.  This presentation will showcase a variety of clinical scenarios where Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) treatment protocols have been adopted to create highly aesthetic, functional and invisible restorations that blend seamlessly with natural teeth  


Key Learning Points

  • Quadrant Makeover using MiCD  principles and biological layering technique for direct restorations

  • Treatment Strategy for Multifactorial defects in mandibular lower centrals.

  • Safeguarding against  restorative failure and ensuring longevity of direct composites

  • Adopting a predictable finishing and polishing system for long term success

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